wtorek, kwietnia 04, 2006

With headphones on it works better!

After my first Erasmus experience I wanted to really get in touch with polish. I mean learn the language without neither restrictions nor constraints. Just give myself completely and let my brain absorb whatever daily amount of incomprehensible words it could. So began a musical and cinematic journey that has become a ground pillar of my development and progress in any other foreign language. I remember before falling asleep listening to some polish hip hop ( I prefer Hip-Hop because it gives me that 10 words per second challenge, which is all but advantages: 1st because you can really feel the melody and the different possible intonation of words, 2nd you slowly start to pinpoint where do the words start and where do they finish and if you can do it with hip hop then we are really close to manage it in a real life situation; 3rd you also get a picture of what's worrying most of them, you hear the criticism and the doubts on hot topics, thus giving you a glimpse of what's going on.) and let it bring my brain into something that you could almost call a general meltdown. No worries, nothing painful I would just give in and fall asleep. But the effort was there and even 2 minutes of max concentration brings you on the long run inevitable results. Having said this there I was driving to a shopping mall yesterday listening to a mythical polish hip hop album: We Własnej Osobie by WWO. The beat starts and the first prophetic words fade in:
Powracające pzred oczami Retrospekcje...
which means something like:
Retrospection coming back right in front of your eyes
followed by the chorus:
Życie się toczy choć czas się zatrzymał, modlę się do Boga, abym wytrzymał drogę, jaką obrałem przejść...mała jej część w głowie się nie mieści. Każdy z nas kiedy stanie w obliczu śmierci.
Life goes on although time has stopped, I pray to God, so I can follow the way I chose to, it's a small path and it doesn't fit in your head. Each of us will some when stand before death.
or something in the likes of it!.
I automatically started to sing along and the tune brought up so many memories...wow! From those remote times when you couldn't understand almost a word of what they were on about even if you were reading the lyrics at the same time to this point where it just pops up, your brain turns on the button (whatever that may be) and you boost on. Unintended and unnoticed. And that feels good.

sobota, kwietnia 01, 2006

I managed to play a bit guitar without the headset today! My parents went shopping and I kinda started immediately after I sensed they both got into the car. I was messing aroung with the tune Cemetery Gates from Pantera and I just can't get those artificial harmonics from the chorus right! I really think I have to buy myself a new guitar or maybe the problem is in the fingers?
I'm really no blogger. I've never done this before so u have to be patient before u quit on me already! It'll just take some time and inspiration. :)